When will my package ship?

We do our best to have all packages shipped out of our Fulfillment center within 1-3 business days of your payment processing successfully.

The time it takes your package to get to you depends on your location.

Any shipping time starts AFTER the Order has been placed, which can be up to 3 business days from the purchase. If you pay for Express shipping, this guarantees that your package will arrive within 1 to 2 business days AFTER the order has been placed.

Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your product to reach you may vary. A confirmation email will be sent with a tracking number once your package ships.

Shipping within the United states is free.


I paid for 2-day shipping but it’s been 2 days and my package hasn’t arrived!
We need 1-3 business days to process your order. Once that has happened, it will hopefully arrive within two additional business. The USPS has been known to regularly stretch this to 3 business days.

I paid extra for First Class Shipping, and it’s already been 2 days! Where’s my package?
First Class Shipping is the same as Standard Shipping and Free Shipping. It takes 3-5 business days.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Currently, we do ship internationally. However we are not responsible for any country’s customs, shipping procedures or regulations, when you place an international order with us you accept the full risk and responsibility. Select your country when checking out to see the shipping rates.

Shipping times vary depending on country and customs. If shipped out of the country, 


How do I get wholesale pricing, drop shipping, or white labeling?

You can find the Wholesale pricing sheet by contacting us directly at sales@24hourhemp.com


What is CBD?
Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabis compound that is widely used as a health supplement. The human endocannabinoid system responds positively to CBD, so people who use CBD supplements may experience an enhanced quality of life. Because CBD is not significantly psychoactive, it can be used by anyone, whether or not they have a medical marijuana recommendation.

Is CBD legal?

Yes. Hemp-derived CBD products such as ours are legal in the United States.

Do Hemp Buds Farm products contain THC?
Our flower and hemp pre-roll products contain less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive compounds found in the type of cannabis one might smoke). Our vapes and oils have no detectable THC. 

What is the percentage of CBD in your product?
The percentage of CBD varies by product. The CBD % for the full flavor buds is 16%. It’ll be pretty similar but slightly lower for the ground. You can check out the percentages on our lab test results page.

Do (CBD) and other natural hemp-based constituents show up on a drug test?

Most drug screens and tests for the metabolites your body makes when consuming Delta 9 THC and do not detect the presence of cannabidiol (CBD) or other legal natural hemp-based constituents. While our products are low in Delta 9 THC, they are not THC free. Studies have shown that consuming hemp with low THC can cause one to fail a drug test if enough is consumed. Since there are many variables such as how much one consumed, the number of fluids consumed, the amount of time from the last use to the test, the levels of THC in the product, and the metabolism of the consumer, we cannot answer this question for each person as there are too many variables.

If you are getting tested we suggest you try a THC free CBD product such as vapes or oil. Unless otherwise noted, all our products contain trace amounts of THC.

What is the difference between your full flavor bud and full flavor ground.?

Full flavor buds are hand trimmed full flavor hemp colas that have approximately 16% CBD by weight. The full flavor ground is taken from the clippings of the hand trim colas and measure at 8% CBD. 

Are your full flavor bud and ground, low-smell?

No. Our full flavor bud and ground contain a full terpene profile and have a bold smell. Our low smell products are our hemp pre-rolls and our plain jane ground. 

What is your filter made of?

Our filter for the hemp pre-rolls consists of a micropore cellulose matrix (synthetic cellulose acetate) wrapped in a rice paper tube.


What’s the best way for me to use CBD products?

CBD products are available in many different forms. While only you know which ones will work best for your needs, our goal is to provide you with a forum where you can read reviews and compare products, helping you to make the best decision for yourself.

Is it safe to take CBD with the medicine or supplements that I use?

Please refer to your doctor or health care provider for any questions about the safety of our product for you. If you use prescription medications, take supplements or have underlying health conditions that cause concern, check with a health care provider to make sure that our CBD oil will be safe for your use.



Is it normal for my CBD to change color?

The color change is normal and can occur over time due to oxidation from the air.


Can I get a refund?

We strive to ensure our customers are satisfied with each purchase, but we understand that sometimes things happen. You can return most unopened, unused products within 7 days of receiving it.